Blackjack hoody

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20% Polyester, 
80% Cotton
Colours: Black
Zipped pockets
Extra sleeve length
No loose drawstrings.
Brushed 340 G/ 10.2 oz fabric for winter warmth


Black hoody featuring our dark spin on the Union Jack - and one of our best-selling designs

Garment care

Preserve the printed design by washing inside out. That's the garment inside the machine, you out. Ha ha ha.

MadJester reviews

77 units sold - here's some feedback:
This is the most comfy hoodie I've ever had. It's very warm and looks great on me, I will definitely buy some more for myself.

Andrea S, Jan 2021

Fits like a glove, top quality. Cannot be any happier!

Isma P, Nov 2020

Loved MJ from the start, ace fitting, long lasting and cool designs…what more do you need in a T!

Adam B, May 2019

You can't go wrong with a Madjester T-shirt. Great designs and high quality fabric which lasts and lasts. 5-stars all round.

Rick, November 2018

The 'Blackjack' hoody:

sold so far

We've sold quite a few items at exhibitions, retailers, and from this online store. Somewhere out there are 77 'Blackjack' hoodies. Get your Jestery goodness here.



MadJester t-shirts are designed and built with purpose in mind: comfort fit and durable fabric