All Mine hoody

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20% Polyester, 
80% Cotton
Colours: Black
Zipped pockets
Extra sleeve length
No loose drawstrings.
Brushed 340 G/ 10.2 oz fabric for winter warmth


Black hoody featuring our 'All mine' design for when that favourite bit of road is dry and empty...

Garment care

Preserve the printed design by washing inside out. That's the garment inside the machine, you out. Ha ha ha.

MadJester reviews

44 units sold - here's some feedback:
This is the most comfy hoodie I've ever had. It's very warm and looks great on me, I will definitely buy some more for myself.

Andrea S, Jan 2021

Fits like a glove, top quality. Cannot be any happier!

Isma P, Nov 2020

Loved MJ from the start, ace fitting, long lasting and cool designs…what more do you need in a T!

Adam B, May 2019

You can't go wrong with a Madjester T-shirt. Great designs and high quality fabric which lasts and lasts. 5-stars all round.

Rick, November 2018

The 'All mine' hoody:

sold so far

We've sold quite a few items at exhibitions, retailers, and from this online store. Somewhere out there are 44 'All mine' hoodies. Get your Jestery goodness here.



MadJester t-shirts are designed and built with purpose in mind: comfort fit and durable fabric